The Platform is Moving Up

As long as I’m capable, I’m trying to increase my qualities and capabilities in the various important parts of my life. One way to view it as if I’m on a platform and it’s moving up. You may catch me and get ahead of me or already be ahead, but as long as I’ve been pushing myself to keep improving I’ll feel validated.

If we let life take hold and control our lives we’ll be sinking, so it takes a concerted effort to fight against the natural pull down, but it’s worth it as you become and are capable of more. I’ve seen too many people lose what they value in life due to just trying to survive as they continuously decline. Don’t fall into the trap of “getting by” or following the behavior of your peers. Push to succeed over your challenges and when you get to a new level acknowledge that you’ve made it and look up for the next one.

It’s important to know when you don’t have the control in your life to be able to keep growing, but it’s equally important to notice when the control is back in your hands. Also, people may not deal well with what you’ve accomplished, but I believe it’s their fear of what they could be capable of that causes them to be uncomfortable with your success. Be patient with those who criticize you and remember that you were in similar or worse situations than they were in your life. Look for those who will support and challenge you to go even further, I’ll be that person for you if you would like.

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