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The Spark of Belief

Before contributing, before accomplishing your dreams, before the steps along the way, before defining your purpose and result, before even understanding and gratitude, you’ve got to start with belief. A belief that this time will be different, that this time you’ll breakthrough like never before and become something greater than you were before.  Don’t start changes if you don’t have this belief, it’s the basis of everything you’ll do.

The Platform is Moving Up

As long as I’m capable, I’m trying to increase my qualities and capabilities in the various important parts of my life. One way to view it as if I’m on a platform and it’s moving up. You may catch me and get ahead of me or already be ahead, but as long as I’ve been pushing myself to keep improving I’ll feel validated.

If we let life take hold and control our lives we’ll be sinking, so it takes a concerted effort to fight against the natural pull down, but it’s worth it as you become and are capable of more. I’ve seen too many people lose what they value in life due to just trying to survive as they continuously decline. Don’t fall into the trap of “getting by” or following the behavior of your peers. Push to succeed over your challenges and when you get to a new level acknowledge that you’ve made it and look up for the next one.

It’s important to know when you don’t have the control in your life to be able to keep growing, but it’s equally important to notice when the control is back in your hands. Also, people may not deal well with what you’ve accomplished, but I believe it’s their fear of what they could be capable of that causes them to be uncomfortable with your success. Be patient with those who criticize you and remember that you were in similar or worse situations than they were in your life. Look for those who will support and challenge you to go even further, I’ll be that person for you if you would like.

I Forgot

   Steve Martin has a great comedy routine where you can get out of any difficult situation by just saying “I forgot”. If you rob a bank, just say “I forgot it was illegal”.

   I have found that when you make a lot of positive changes in your life they start to take over and when you look back you realize that you’ve forgotten to do some of the negative things in your life. You forgot to be dependent on that thing that used to drive you, you forgot to tell yourself you couldn’t do that thing you feared before. Sometimes it really is OK to say “I forgot” and be glad about it.

It’s Never Over

   I have a poster that reminds me when to give up on the things I want to achieve and when to quit when it seems hopeless. It’s a poster of John Elway from the Denver Broncos that says “It’s Never Over”. Elway was not perfect and he did lose games like everyone else, but when things looked bleak he was able to keep his composure to have 34 comeback wins in the 4th quarter and overtime. I want to model him and keep going when I feel like I can’t or it seems like there is an insurmountable obstacle.

   I’d like to invite you to choose a hero or a mentor that has overcome and achieved when no one thought they could. Put that person’s image or accomplishment where you will see it enough to drive you forward toward your goals.


Persistance means to keep your plan going even if you don’t want to, you’re too tired, or you feel like too much has happened to you to keep going. Persistance means a dedication to your plan that you will keep no matter what. Don’t let life stop you. Dig deep for whatever will keep pushing you to the next step, the next level and the next new life that was better than the last. If you’re alive there is a reason to try. If you fail get up again and again trying new approaches until you succeed. You can do it!

Strength Thoughts


1. mental power, force, or vigor.

2. moral power, firmness, or courage.

3. something or someone that gives one strength or is a source of power or encouragement; sustenance

To be able to realize your goals and dreams you first must be able to cultivate your strength. Patterns of inspiring thoughts and feelings can push you through tough times. Also, memories of people who were able to keep going when all seemed lost. You can even think of those who failed miserably knowing that you don’t want to end up the same way.

What do you think of when you feel like the world is against you and you’ve had enough? Where do you go for strength?

Practice Makes… Excellence

Here’s a inspirational video that my friend LisaBraithwaite posted on her blog. I was impressed with the humility of showing the process she went through. It made me cry with happiness because it shows the potential we have to become greater than we are. When my son saw the beginning when it says “practice makes…” he said “Excellence”. I’m a very proud dad.

“Love the Process” – SaFire’s Hooping Manifesto (Song: Taio Cruz – I Can Be)