Let’s go

When you take things out of your life you should also take things up. This is an important rule to remember, especially for Christians at this time. Our church reminded us of this idea and I strongly agree. I believe that unless you fill your life with new things the old ones you want to prune away cannot be let go or forgotten. The mind tends to hold on to the thought of what it is giving up or losing rather than what you would gain by the change. I’ll be working on improving my overall health and well-being by giving up bad-eating habits, but I’ll also be increasing my updates this site to continue to provide what I can for my readers.

Do you have things that need to change in your life; old automatic activities that no longer help you or are you neglecting new activities that you know you should commit to? This is a great time to let go of old habits and begin new ones. We’re through January 1st and its easily dismissed resolutions. However, we’re still in winter when we can prepare before spring and summer which tend to be too filled with activities to be able to plan.

If you want change over a few days, 40 days or a lifetime, let me know what you’d like to change. Just making a plan and telling someone can give you the push to keep going past when you would have quit an internally held promise. Whether you let me know or not, all the best in all your endevours!

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