Going Through Our Goals

   It’s a very common idea that when making goals it’s important to remember to make them (SMART) specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound and write them down so that they are remembered.

   I would add that when we make goals we’ve got to think of them as objectives to go through to start heading to the next one. Don’t make goals that mean you would quit moving forward in a certain area. For example, some people see retirement as an end of work, but not as a beginning of a whole new life. Losing a certain amount of weight is a good goal, but when it is achieved we can still work on our health and well-being. Even “I’ll run to that next tree” can be “I’ll run at least to that next tree” that way you don’t limit what could be a greater success. I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t rest or reward yourself if these activities are helpful, but don’t let your successes let you forget that the road of your goals keeps going past where you said you should arrive.

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