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Day 1

Starting something new seems to have very bad connotations to most people. I think most people feel like they have to make a lot of progress in a new endeavor before feeling like they can share it with the people around them. I think we have to break out of this fear and try something new more often. It’s not so bad to be new at something or to make mistakes along the way, basically that’s what life is going to be like anyway. If you do keep trying new activities, maybe you’ll find your new passion in life along with other people to share it with. Also, the more we fill our lives with good activities that we’ve decided we want to do, the more old, negative behaviors will fall away. Give it a try and see what you think. Try something new today and let me know what you’ve started. I’ll be doing some new strength training exercises that I’ve been putting off.


What does commitment mean to you? On the web, I find most of the talk of commitment to be talking about men and their fear of commitment to a relationship, but I’m talking about the commitment to a stated or written goal. When you create a goal what things will get in the way of accomplishing that task?

Too many people use any failure as an excuse to quit the goal completely. Everything you’ve done so far up to the present moment should push you forward to make the new reality occur rather than every missed opportunity causing doubt and keeping you from continuing.

I am committed to my goals and I will press ahead on them unless catastrophic problems arise. You can recognize these problems because they simply cannot be dismissed. I will also review and set new goals on a consistent schedule. What new task can drive you to new motivation?

Quick change

Cast on broken arm   Yesterday, I was asked in a comment if I could post about how to change quickly. I gave this a lot of thought and I believe my recent wrist injury makes a nice example for a process of changing a life.
   Last week I broke the head of my radius and now I have this nice, blue cast. It is certainly a new challenge that life has given me, but it could just as easily have been brought on by my own misconceptions or false beliefs. For example, the idea that a step down from a stage would be secure and not be allowed to roll forward when stepped upon.
   When we start to desire a change in our lives the first step is to have an idea of what we want, in this case a normally functioning arm. I’ve followed that with ice packing  the wound, taking anti-swelling medication, consulting experts (doctors) and following their advice by allowing them to treat me. Next, I can follow their finger exercises and precautions, research more, expect healing and pray. But, and this is the important part, barring a miracle or any further complications this goal will take about 4-6 weeks to heal and more to restrengthen and become as good as ever. Now, this obviously isn’t the most important task in my life, but let’s imagine it is: 4-6 weeks. Let’s say it’s everyone’s most important task: 4-6 weeks. Alright, maybe a day or so saved for some amount of human ingenuity that I can’t anticipate.
   Now, if I’m basically correct in all this how should I feel about it? I could be mad that life or my mistake has put this on me, I could fear the future and the strong possibility of further injury if I continue to live a full life. But to be fair and at the same time continue to work on effectiveness, I would recommend acceptance and gratitude for every day that my arm helped me, for having a better arm, and for the amazing healing time of the human body.
   We can make huge changes in ourselves, our destiny, but the quick change is the heading, not getting the eventual result. To be strong we have to strengthen (over time). To lose weight we have to approach a healthy weight through great eating and great exercise (over time). To become rich there are many paths most of which that maintain our other standards take time.
   I don’t want to discourage people from looking for shortcuts in life. Looking is certainly the only way you can find. But at some point there are costs to our desires and often that cost includes an amount of time. I want to challenge you to determine your goals, become more able to achieve them, see your problems for what they are and reach your goals. One last problem with time is that at the end of that process it all starts over again. If you race to the finish line you also race to the start.
   Thanks for the suggestion, I hope this is helpful and if you do manage to come up for an effective solution to time let me know, I occasionally get itches under this thing.

Walking Each Other Home

The facebook site Your Potential Power today mentioned a great quote from Ram Dass from his book How Can I Help: “We are all just walking each other home.”

It’s so easy to get caught up in life and forget the path we are on. None of us knows for sure what this life is about and why we are here, but we do know what is going to happen to us eventually in this life. We must remember each day that our lives are short and precious. We’ve got to make the most of each moment and help each other along the way.

The other quote that I like that has to do with a short life comes from Henry V (Act 4, Scene 5). There is a moment when the leaders of the French can see that the battle is most certainly lost. It’s moving to me because he realizes that he is fully responsible and knows what he must do. He might as well get in there and fight as he has lost everything. I remember it as motivation if my life ever becomes so irretrievably destroyed. The Duke of Bourbon: “The devil take order now! I’ll to the throng:  Let life be short; else shame will be too long.”