Biographical Information

Born: September 17, 1967 at Staten Island, NY to John Harvey Nelson and Sharon Verna Stephens

Parents Divorced: 1969

Sibling: Half-Brother on Father's Side, Brandon Regier Nelson

Sex: Male  Height: 6'2"  Weight: 185  Hair: Blond  Eyes: Hazel

Resided: Age 0  - 2       New York, NY
         Age 2  - 12      Wichita, KS
         Age 12 - Present Colorado Springs, CO

Received High School Diploma at William J. Palmer
High School in Colorado Springs in June, 1986

Recieved B.S. Degree in Computer Science at the University of Colorado
in Colorado Springs in June, 1992

Work Experience:
Worked at Compassion, Intl. doing Data Entry from September 
1991-June, 1993

Worked at Current, Inc. doing Data Entry from October, 1993-February,

Promoted to Error Control at Current, Inc. October 1996

Working for GDE Systems, Inc. doing Testing on TBMCS (Theater Battle
Management Core Systems) February, 1996-Present

Enrolled in Melaleuca February 10, 1996
     achieved Marketing Executive February 10, 1996

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